How to fix rope on extension ladder

How to fix rope on extension ladder?

Extension ladders are an essential part of your home improvement arsenal, but they can sometimes be difficult to use. Many times you’ll find yourself in the middle of a project with an extension ladder that isn’t working properly due to frayed cables or worn out rope. You can easily fix problems like these by replacing them yourself or taking them into a hardware store for help if you’re not sure how to do it on your own.

Find the problem

Check the pulley and crank sheave. These are the two most likely culprits when it comes to extension ladder problems. The pulley should be free of rust, and if there is any, you should clean it off with a wire brush or sandpaper. The crank sheave is what keeps your rope in place while moving up or down the ladder—make sure that it is securely fastened into place on either side of the pulley (if your model has one).

If everything checks out on those parts, then you can move onto inspecting all other metal parts for rust or cracks. Replace anything that needs repair or replacement immediately; don’t take any risks when dealing with safety equipment like this!

If a rung is missing, you should replace it with a new one. You can buy a replacement from your local hardware store or online. If you don’t have an extension ladder, simply use a step stool to reach the height that you need for the job.

How to fix rope on extension ladder

Check the pulley

The pulley is a very important part of an extension ladder, so you will want to check it for any damage or wear. Make sure that all of the screws, bolts and parts are in place. If anything is missing, replace them immediately. Rust can also cause problems with your pulley, so make sure it doesn’t have any rust on it.

To find the crank sheave, look for a metal or plastic assembly that looks like it was designed to be turned by hand. It will usually be located at the bottom of your extension ladder and will have a loop of rope or cable coming through it that’s attached to one side. Sometimes there is more than one crank sheave on an extension ladder; if this is the case, make sure you select the correct one before proceeding with any repairs.

If you’re unsure whether you’ve selected the correct part, take some time to compare your ladder with photos from our Extension Ladder Parts page.

Check to see if there is any rust on any of the metal parts

Check to see if there is any rust on any of the metal parts. Rust can be removed with a wire brush. Check the ladder for rust in these places:

  • All metal parts, including steps, rungs and frame
  • Bottom of each step
  • Top of each step

Rust is an indication that the ladder has been left outside for too long or was exposed to water. The rust will weaken the metal and make it unsafe for use. If you find any rust on your extension ladder, replace all of the rusted parts or have them replaced by a professional.

If the cable or rope is frayed, replace it

One of the most common causes of a rope or cable failure is when it becomes frayed. In this case, you may be able to repair the damage yourself. If the cable or rope is frayed, replace it.

If the cable or rope is cracked or broken, replace it with a new one before using again (or you’ll risk losing your ladder).

If there are worn out sections on your extension ladder’s handrails or other components and they’re not easily removable (which would require replacing them), then you can have those sections replaced by a professional before using again (and make sure that you’re not missing any bolts that hold those parts together).

If the cord is cracked, broken or frayed, replace it. If it’s worn out, loose or too short or long for your purposes, replace it.

If the crank handle is damaged or rusted, you’ll need to replace it. To do this, simply unscrew the old crank handle and then screw in a new one. Make sure that you purchase an extension ladder crank handle that’s compatible with your model. The cost of a new crank handle will vary from company to company; however, most are available online for less than $20 USD and can be purchased at any hardware store or home improvement center that carries ladders.

One of the main problems that you might encounter when trying to fix rope on extension ladder is that your cable or rope may be worn out and need to be replaced. The cost of replacing a cable or rope will vary from company to company, but it isn’t very expensive. You can buy new cable or rope for about $10-$30 depending on the size of your ladder and where you shop for it.

The first thing you have to do is make sure that what ever has happened has not cut through any wiring inside the ladder, because if it has then there could be some serious safety concerns when climbing up and down your extension ladder again after repairing it yourself.”

If there are no other problems with your extension ladder you should be able to fix it without too much trouble.

Check the pulley and crank sheave first. This is an easy fix that can save you money on a new ladder. Check the cable or rope next. If the rope is frayed or broken, then you will need to replace it before continuing with any other repairs on your extension ladder. If none of these solutions work for you, then it might be time to replace your entire crank handle and/or cord as well!


We hope that this article has been helpful. If you are having trouble with your extension ladder or any other type of ladder, please contact us so we can help!

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