How to make a loop in rope

How to make a loop in rope?

Loops in rope are a great way to make your rope more versatile and easy to use. They can be used for many purposes, such as attaching items or creating a handle. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make three different kinds of loops with various materials and equipment.

How to make a loop in rope?

A loop is a type of knot that is used for many different purposes. The methods for tying them are various and numerous. Some looping knots are more secure than others; some have specific uses whereas others can be used for multiple purposes.

How to make a loop in rope

Lasso a Loop

To make a lasso loop:

  • Tie the rope around your tree, metal pole or other object. Pass one end under the part of the rope you’re holding and back over itself so that it forms a figure eight. The figure eight should be facing away from you.
  • Pull on this end until it is tight against itself, but not so tight that it pulls through your knot or makes an eyelet at its center (this would look like an upside-down “V”).
  • Bring this end across to form another figure eight facing away from you; this should be within about four inches of where your first one ended up being placed—alternatively, use two pieces of string instead of a long piece of rope if working with something small enough that this isn’t feasible such as tying off onto your dog’s leash or tethering him outside while camping during inclement weather conditions where there aren’t many nearby trees with which he can go hang out while letting off steam without being able to get into trouble).

Yak’s Hitch

A common use for the Yak’s Hitch is to make a loop in rope. To do this, you will first need to create a bight and attach it to the end of your rope with a knot like the Figure Eight Knot. Then, pass that bight around whatever object you want to hang from and pull the end of your rope through that bight. If all went well, you should have created a loop in your rope!

Strangle Knot

The strangle knot is a simple way to make a loop in the end of a rope, or to make a loop in the middle of your rope. To make one, you would use two pieces of cord and create an overhand knot around the same cord. Then, you can use this as an anchor for another piece of cord if you want it to be longer than usual. The trick here is finding out exactly how much slack there should be in between where we’re tying our first knot with two cords and our second one which will go around both sets of cords together before they come back together again at their respective ends (these will form loops).

Bowstring Loop

A bowstring loop is a useful knot to know if you want to learn how to make a noose, lasso, or sling. It is made by taking the end of a rope and tying it around itself.

The process for tying this type of loop is as follows:

  • Take your end and run it through one side of your hitch, heading back toward yourself.
  • Place this loop under itself so that it forms an “X” shape with two lines coming out from each side (one being thicker than the other).
  • Bring both ends up through their respective holes on either side of your X-shaped knot. You should now have three loops hanging out from this knot: one in front and two behind it (one being larger than the other). Tie them off securely here!


The best way to make a loop in rope is by using a grinder. This will give you an even cut and leave no frayed edges. If you don’t have access to a grinder, then use something like an axe or knife so that it’ll be smooth on both sides.

Make sure that the ends of the rope are completely dry before making any loops or else they might unravel themselves!

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